Tokelau Tatau - Pacific Island Artwork by Moses Viliamu - New Zealand - Tokelau Art - Samoan Art

QR Tokelau 1, Acrylic on canvas, 123cm x 90cm

Moses Viliamu

Moses’ work can be defined as energetic and representing a spirit of exuberance – “Painting is therapeutic for me - I love how the paint flows and mixes. The textures, colours and layers that you can use is infinite – in this space, I have learnt to release an energy, creativity and expression that mirrors my inner soul”

His work is a balance of aesthetic and intuitive movement, evident of his love to create abstract textures and overlaying paint to create depth - “I try to capture energy as it represents exuberance, passion, joy, positivity and fullness” - His use of Icons/motifs is about a representation of a modern NZ pacific heritage, to which he belongs to.

Moses’ art work is about the journey of people – the bold colours, the layers, the flow, the textures, the creativity – all amassed to represent that of the resilient human spirit, one’s story unfolds...

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